Love this song. Was singing it aloud all day today. I can sing and rap it, and the first part is even easier because it’s mostly rap. That’s the easy part.



I hate politics. I…really do. There’s nothing I can say to really describe just how much I hate it. I just…do. It’s really pointless in my opinion.

We’re ‘the United States of America’ but I see no unity whatsoever.

Democratic. Republicans. Why the hell are there two different parties? We’re not united at all. The only thing that unites us is the fact we’re separated so damn far. Oops, cursed. This is the one instance I really don’t care, though.

We work hard to get independent from this other place, and to unite with each other and become this great nation. But with the Democrats and the Republicans, I have not seen a further divided place. Okay, I have – America hasn’t gotten as bad as I know it can – but it’s ridiculous. What happens when a group gets pissed off enough about a certain president winning (Rep, or Dem.) and starts to protest? After a long process, guess where that heads?

Straight into civil war.

Republics against Democrats.

It’s retarded. I honestly don’t get it.

Besides, a democracy is just stupid. The people of America aren’t educated enough about the people they are electing. So they shouldn’t even be given the choice of voting. Yeah, it’s supposed to be about freedom and rights and all that crap, but is America really free? Maybe, according to other countries, but how we try to define it and utterly fail? America isn’t a free country. We try to make it seem so, but it isn’t. So why give the illusion of one? Just put a dictator in place, battle for the damn spot, something! The best comes out on top. It’s a true statement and always has been. Sometimes the shittiest comes out on top too. It’s like with books an movies. Meyer wrote shit. She got tons of recognition and sold so many copies that it surpassed all sales that Stephen King ever wrote. And guess what? He wrote like a freaking writing god. He’s still freaking amazing. Yet…Meyer ended up on top. Why? Because that’s how America freaking works. Take all logic…and dump it on its goddamn head.

Which is why democracy is freaking stupid. If you’re the best, get your ass in power, and ignore all rules. Then take over how you want, and do what you feel is best. Don’t leave it to others to persuade you into other crap. Because the majority of us are…dumb. Just. Plain. Dumb.

I hate being apart of America. But I was born here, and I don’t have the sufficient funds to fly away from here. Or sail. Or something. I’d do anything to get away from this.

Communism sucks. But I think I’d prefer it over this society. Just sayin’.

Anyway, it’s my bedtime and I’m exhausted from practice and homework. Have a good freakin’ life.

Goodnight, biches.

Ah, Jack. How I love him. :3 I had to watch a little bit of him befor emy departure to bed. And I shall share him with you all. He’s picking on people’s grammar again.
I hate the human race sometimes.


Well, since I’ve given up with the notion of completing my homework for now (it’s due at the end of the week) I’ve decided I’m going to write some. But. New book. Always happens. Some type of new inspiration comes along and I’m so goddang tired of the same goddang story, so I start writing a new one, never get further than five pages, give up, go back to it, repeat—-

Nevermind, realized it was a stupid idea.

Well, if you would like to check out any of my writing, or reviews, or just what I used to do twenty-four/seven before school started…check out my user profile at Wattpad and bask in the awesomeness of an amazing écrivaine. Actually, everything there is just shizz I don’t give a fudge about.

WARNING: If you are not a fan of the Hunger Games, you may scoff at my choice of a reading list. Heh. Or my participation certain things like submitting tributes for a fanfic…several, actually… I know. I’m a HG nerd. Not as much of a SK nerd, though. Black House is still in my book bag. Read it twice. Reading it again, now that school’s starting again. Since I started back – I was about seven-eighths of the way through – I’ve read about…three pages. Yeah. I’m so accomplished. You’re jealous, right?

Anyway. Enough rambling. That’s probably all the crap you’ll ever get from me anyway. Rambling. And saying certain things in place of curses. Because I need to not curse. Cursing is baaaaad. Imagine a goat saying that. It’s a lot more fun.

Rambling again, sweetie.

Right. Sorry.

I was talking about Wattpad and writing and my crappy procrastinating trait. Wait no. I wasn’t. Not really. Let’s talk about that now, though, okay? 

I suck at getting things done once I get them unless it’s homework I can do easily in class. Usually that gets done. Once I get home and the computer, my iPod, my music…is in reach? Well, unfortunately, those distract me, and is a hell of a lot more interesting than AP stuff. Trust me. I’m going to hate college. Ahgawd (stolen from Nyjraka, a character of my best friend in all of the world…she lives in California…I love her and him, and his awesome name she’s probably changing soon… Rambling again, idiot), college. I don’t know how I feel about college… Scared for it. I just know I’m going to die when I start it. But, you know…whatever. Dying is inevitable. Might as well die doing something you love hate


You’re still reading this? What the hell? Don’t you have a life, people? This has got to be extremely boring, what with the rambling. If you have stuck around this long, though…here’s a cookie. There you go, m’sweet. Have fun. Go throw it at a hobo. And then run like hell, biches. Because they’ll throw it back. You gave them one cookie. What bastard does that? That’s BS to them. Though, I can only interpret from experience…

Right. Ahem. I’m tired of writing. Contact me on Wattpad! Or hit me up on Chatango! I’m there all the time so I can talk with my best friend evarbiches.


That sounded really stupid, didn’t it?





Go die.

September Sun

Beauty captured at just the right moment. Agh. Love it.


Today, on a whim, I went to Future Shop and found myself a GREAT deal on a point and shoot camera, since mine was stolen last Christmas! I was driving home, and luckily, the batteries in my new toy were charged enough to capture the stunning September sun as it set over Bass Lake.

I sometimes take the beautiful place I call home for granted… today, was not one of those days. Image

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Hey There, Cellmate!

Wait, did I say cellmate? Hah! I meant…friend. Yes, yes, that sounds a lot nicer. Not like you’ll be imprisoned here. Not at all. It’s just that…once in the confines of my ol’ screwed up mind, there really…is no turning back. So make yourself at home! You’ll be here for a while!

…I didn’t mean that in a creepy way, I promise!


Let’s move on to me.

I only made a blog because of one of my teachers. I just wanted to subscribe to her dang blog! I didn’t want one for myself! Well, look where that got me. Writing a blog. My life is so uninteresting, though. I really don’t need a blog other than to pick on people. I might just do that.

Yeah! Let’s rip off jacksfilms, and RayWilliamJohnson! Except it’s on WordPress and not…YouTube. So…there. It’s fair. I could take screenshots of just…horrible displays of grammar-abusers and totally pick on them – maybe in a video. Heh. Probably not. I’m not pretty enough.

Oh! And whomever is wondering what my name means, or how to say it, or why in the world I picked something like that out…well, it’s a city in a county called Belri, and it is totally made up, biches. That’s Jack Douglas’ word. Not mine. I’ve been watching a lot of his videos lately. And Tobuscus’. And RWJ’s.

Well, then! That’s about it for now! I’m tired, and need to get to bed. Catch ya later, biches!