About The Oh, So Magical Mindeh

I’m that average chick who looks average and talks average and does average(ish) things.

Eh. What the hell am I talking about?

Okay. I’m a writer, and any writer can empathize with me about how horrible and wonderful it is at the same time. And that every single one of us is bat shit crazy (excuse my cursing, it’s a frequent occurrence). There are different levels of bat-shit crazy. There’s the slightly random person who blurts out things in the middle of the sentence, and then it can go to the writers who talk to walls to get their opinion on something.

I am the latter times ten.

Hey, don’t judge. At least they don’t talk back. If that were the case…well, I wouldn’t be here, I’d be in an asylum, likely, or just a therapist’s office. Heh.

Things I Am:

  • Writer
  • Athlete (Volleyball and Softball)
  • Singer (a bad one)
  • Visual Artist (Draw)
  • Theatre Nerd
  • French-Lover
  • Animal-Lover
  • Tree-Hugger
  • Lazy Ass
  • Avid Procrastinator
  • Bad Advice-Giver
  • Clusmy
  • Bitch


Want to know more about me? Contact me. Don’t be a creeper and only look at my “About” page for info. That’s just weird.


Go die.


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