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Benedict Cumberbatch: Here’s how Sherlock survived his fall — EXCLUSIVE



About alsei

I am a writer currently in high school striving to complete a few books I have been working on - one for as long as five years. I am apart of the fellow "Grammar Nazis" troupe. Yes, we dance and sing - with appropriate grammar - and tour around the world spewing out our services to those poor teenagers who refuse to use the basic mechanics of the English language in whatever they write for school or put online. We are going to make the world better. Also, I am an athlete. Volleyball and softball are my main focus, though I think I'm leaning more towards volleyball. It is easier to practice, anyway. I write some pretty messed up stuff, though. Maybe I'll post some random shorts I do here in this little corner of WordPress, but I doubt it. Check out my Wattpad page also. It's magical.

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